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Labaik Capsule - Uric Acid Herbal Medicine And Gout

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Labaik Capsules - It is an herbal remedy to treat gout, rheumatic, sciatica and other diseases.

THE PRICE Labaik Capsule:

The price of labaik capsule exclude shipping cost.

Indication of Labaik Capsules:
1. Gout,
2. Stress,
3. Chronic rheumatism,
4. Swollen feet,
5. Stiff Muscles,
6. Lowers Cholesterol,
7. Destroying Blood Clots,
8. Fever,
9. Bronhitis,
10. Meriang,
11. Stabilizing Hormones,
12. Maintain stamina so as to make people live long

Labaik Capsule
Labaika Capsule
Extract from materials:
Phylanti Herba 150mg
Centellae Herba 150mg
Sochi Folium100mg
Zingiberis Rhizoma 50mg,
Amomi Fructus 50mg

HOW TO USE Labaika Capsule:
maintain health 1 time in three days 1 capsule
prevention of disease 2 times a day 1 capsule
treatment of the disease 2 times a day 2 capsules

PACKAGING Labaika Capsule:
1 Box contains 12 sachets @ 4 capsules

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